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Drag Racing Wings/Spoiler

Offering a huge selection of racing gear, everything from drag racing wings to spoilers, everything you could possibly need to improve the aerodynamic and aesthetic capabilities of your racing vehicle. Honda drag wings are considered the top of the line, and are easy to install and can dramatically improve your cars performance. We have a multitude of competitively priced wings and spoiler to fit any make or model of performance car.

What are Racing Wings and Spoilers?

Racing wings and spoiler are additions to your vehicle that serve essentially the same function, with some differences between the two. Spoilers main function is to control the lift created by the vehicle when moving at high speeds, along with adding a needed amount of drag to level the vehicle. A racing wings function is to add drag and aerodynamic function to a vehicle, stabilizing and assisting in control of the vehicle.

CCC Racing specializes in creating and installing each one of these part, and guarantees each and every one against damage from high performance use. They are engineered to be lightweight, aerodynamic and versatile, providing a needed performance to a high powered racing vehicle. Manufactured and produced out of high grade industrial material, providing each part with a durability and longevity that these sorts of parts need when withstanding the immense amount of force levied on them by a high powered racing machine.

How Can You Tell a Quality Part Form an Inferior One?

A high grade part will be constructed of quality materials, engineered to withstand the rigors of high performance use, be fully integral with you make, model and year of vehicle, and provide all the necessary capabilities and functions that the part was designed for. It is essential that when shopping for Honda drag wings or any other type of high performance drag racing wings that you verify and research that part before using it for your machine, as a failure in this part can seriously impact the speed and performance of your vehicle.

You can avoid these negative consequences by buying quality certified parts for CCC Racing, offering everything you need to take the performance of your machine to the next level. When you buy form CCC Racing, you are assured you are buying from the best.

The video below shows you tips for drag wing installation:

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